2017 FREIGHTLINER BUSINESS CLASS M2 106,  Extended Cab with sleeper,  4x4


12 Brutus MSB144-6052S steel and aluminum service body, Brutus Body Features. The Crane, Compressor and outriggers work Hydraulically from the Enpak, so you do not need to run the chassis to use the crane and compressor and Hydraulic outriggers. This increases the longevity of the chassis. Body length 144 + 24 workbench bumper Body width 98 Cabinet height 60 Cabinet depth 24 Cabinet drop 6 Cabinets 12 gauge all welded steel Cargo bay walls 10 gauge all welded steel Wheel wells 10 gauge all welded steel Main sills 3 x 4 x 3/8 steel tubing Cross sills 3 x steel channel Flooring 3/16 smooth steel Doors 1/8 aluminum with 1/8 glue bonded aluminum hat section stiffeners Shelving 1/8 aluminum with an infinitely adjustable track system Hinges Polished stainless steel Handles Polished stainless steel Latching 3-point stainless steel Door retainers Gas shocks Cabinet venting Bottom venturi s with drain holes to remove moisture build-up Door seals Rubber bulb seals that are glued into a u-shaped moulding Drip mouldings Glue bonded aluminum gutters that channel water away from the doors Interior lighting LED strip lighting with master switch Exterior floodlights LED with master switch, lights can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 180 degrees Running Lights Rubber mounted LED s Warranty 3-year structural, 3-year limited paint, and 5-year paint fade Paint protection 3M rubberized wheel well coating -Slip-Stop rubberized bumper, workbench, and cargo bay floor -Anodized aluminum bonded to the cabinet fronts (wider than cabinet with 45 degree angled sides) -Anodized aluminum bonded to the cabinet rears -Anodized aluminum bottom trim on body and workbench Body finish Fully body worked for a smooth exterior with no seams or weld joints Paint White PPG Delfleet polyurethane Brutus Master series Drawer packages throughout body, drawer packages lock out to prevent drawers sliding back in if you were to park on a hill. Front enclosed cargo bay 68 D x 50 W x 43 H (8 high raised sides) 1-Flip-up aluminum roof system with gas shocks, two removable aluminum panels, pull strap, and stainless latching Workbench bumper 98 W x 24 D 1-Miller Enpak (open center) -Kubota diesel engine (24.8 HP) -60 cfm @ 100 psi rotary screw air compressor -6 KW generator (120/240V single phase) -2.4 KW EnVerter (120V single phase, pure sine wave) -15 gpm variable displacement hydraulic pump (plumbed to crane and stabilizers) -Wired to chassis electrical system and plumbed to chassis diesel fuel tank 1-Miller 20 gallon hydraulic supply tank 1-Frame mounted 20 gallon air tank Crane system 1-Cobra 14000.2 RD-H Rating 78,840 ft/lbs Lift 14,000 lb @ 3 - 2,490 lb @ 28 Boom 2 hydraulic extensions.


PRICE:  $198,670.00