2017 Ford F550, 4x4, 19,500 GVWR, Automatic Transmission


Stellar TMAX1-11' V2 crane body with Aluminum Doors, CS1V raised to 60", torsion box understructure with isolated crane compartment, Master-Lock system, Shelving and Drawer packages though out body, Oxy-Acet bottle holder, LED Floodlight Kit - 4 lights mounted on outside of body, Stabilizer, hydraulic out/hydraulic down, Hydraulic pump, tandem section for crane and compressor Hydraulic reservoir, 20 gallon, bulkhead mounted, for Stellar body, painted black, 1/2" x 50' hose reel with roller guide - exits rear of body, 25 gallon air tank kit, FLR system, Stellar 7621 Telescopic Crane - 44,840 ft/lb rated,7,500lb.maximumcapacity- 21'full hydraulic reach - CDTplusTM equipped proportional radio remote control, American Eagle 30R hydraulic driven rotary screw compressor produces 30cfm @ 100psi.