Stellar Flex36 108-12 Shuttle Style Hook-lift

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Base Section:  The base section of a Stellar Hooklift may also be called a sub-frame. All Stellar Hooklift hoists are tied together in one common framework. This base section not only adds strength to the hoist, but it places less stress concentration on the truck chassis than hook hoists without a common base. The base section also provides for a simple installation on most truck chassis.

Body Latch:  The body latch is also referred to as the rear tie-down. Standard on Stellar Hooklift hoists are the rearward facing hooks that interface with a horizontal steel pocket or tab. As the body is pulled forward into the final storage position prior to transporting, the tabs will pull tight in the hook pockets. Hydraulic activated rear tie-downs are optional on larger Stellar Hooklift hoists.

Dump Section:  This component of the Stellar Hooklift pivots at the rear of the hoist when interacting with the patented tabs on the tilt section. The rear body latches are attached to this component on most models. This allows the body to remain in the latches when dumping.

Front Saddles:  Front saddles provide a place for the body to rest while the truck is in motion.

Lift Cylinder:  The lift cylinder on a Stellar Hooklift not only lifts the body onto the truck, but it also provides the dumping movement. All Stellar Hooklift lift cylinders feature dual pilot-operated counterbalance valves which provide for optimum meter-ability and protection against sudden movement in the case of hose failure.

Tilt/Dump Latch:  This unique patented feature is the basis of the Stellar Hooklift system. With a simple mechanical interference between the tilt section and the dump section, the pivot point is changed from the secondary section (loading/off-loading) to the rear of the truck (dumping). Resettable tabs protect the system from out-of-sequence operation.

Rear Rollers:  With the unique Stellar Hooklift design, bodies are loaded and unloaded with a “lift and roll” movement. While unloading a body, the tilt section will lift the front of the body and roll it back. The tilt cylinder will continue rolling the body until the rear of the body contacts the ground.

Plunger Valve:  The plunger valve will lock out all hydraulic fluid to the tilt cylinder when in the dumping mode. This prevents the accidental release of the body while dumping.

Secondary Section:  The secondary section acts as the main pivoting member for loading / off-loading bodies. This component ties the tilt, dump and base sections together into one cohesive unit.

Tilt Cylinder:  The tilt cylinder operates the tilt section of the Stellar Hooklift. This cylinder features a pilot-operated counterbalance valve on both extend and retract sides. The tilt section is a key component of the StellarHooklift. The tilt section provides the selection of dump or load/off-load. With Stellar’s unique twin postdesign, line-of-sight visibility of the hook is available from the truck cab.


Flex36 108-12, Hook Height - 35.63 (905 mm),  Lift Capacity - 16,000 (7,257 kg),  Effective Length - 142 (3,607 mm),  Body Lengths (ft) - 12-14 (3,658-4,267 mm),  Cab to Axle - 108" to 120" C.A.,  Minimum truck GVWR - 10,500 to 26,000 lb. PTO & Pump Included.  Ship-out

PRICE: $22,472.50