Stellar TMAX1-11' V2 crane body with CS1V raised to 60", torsion box understructure with isolated crane compartment, Master-Lock system, exterior DOT light package, 22"D X 44"H side packs, 133" long, 21" step bumper with thru compartment, (4) recessed cargo tie-downs, (2) rear mounted grab handles, dual-seal automotive type compartment weather seal, rubber fenderettes,14 ga. overlapped doors on SS1V / CS1V, 14 ga. overlapped doors on horizontal compartments, 12" fold down tailgate (painted black), 2 & 3-point stainless steel compression latches, stainless steel "Billet Style" hinges, spring loaded door stops, weld on receiver hitch, prime painted A40 galvanneal, undercoated. Drawer set, 35.5"H x 34"W X 18"D, 3-3", 3-5", 1-7" (incl. 2.5" riser) Compressor Mounting Plate - SHD60 Shelf with (3) dividers 17.63"W x 19.00"D Shelf with (3) dividers 52.44"W x 19.00"D Shelf with (3) dividers 24.38"W x 19.00"D, Installed Divider kit with shelves 19.00 x 17.63 for oxy/acet. - for 60" compartment only Oxy-Acet bottle holder ASM - 2 Bottle Holder Shelf with (3) dividers 21"W x 19.00"D Shelf with (3) dividers 52.44"W x 19.00"D Paint body white (std. color) Grab handle - mounts to rear side pack and workbench bumper - Easily accessible from ground Floodlight, halogen 3"x3", work light (assembly) LED Compartment Light Kit - TMAX 1-9, TMAX 1-11, TMAX 2-11 - Installed Back up alarm - ECCO 107 Db ICC safety kit consisting of rechargeable fire extinguisher and reflector kit tabilizer, hydraulic out/hydraulic down for installation in bumper, painted black - TMAX 1 body ONLY Weld on cut out for DEF/second fuel fill for TMAX-1 V2 Installed Custom CHASSISOPTSOP2 Hydraulic reservoir, 20 gallon, bulkhead mounted, for Stellar body, painted black Adjustable boom support with roller rest, painted black, for TMAX1/TMAX2/TMAX3 body Electronic load-sensing speed control for Ford diesel and gas engines E-Link Basic - Cab Mounted (includes body harness and dash mount kit) - Installed SHD-60AFP hydraulic driven compressor produces 30 CFM @ 100 PSI, 4 cylinder single stage compressor with HD canister type air filter, direct drive coupling, oil cooler, fan, and hydraulic motor. Includes steel base, enclosure and a flip up lid. 1/2" x 50' hose reel with roller guide - exits rear of body 25 gallon air tank kit (1-10 gallon, 1-15 gallon) for installation on 2011 Ford DRW diesel trucks FLR system - 1/2" (filter, lubricator, regulator) Stellar 7621 Telescopic Crane - 44,840 ft/lb rated,7,500lb.maximumcapacity- 21'full hydraulic reach - CDTplusTM equipped proportional radio remote control.

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